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hear in classrooms all over america. charlotte, and anna, and daniel. tiny little people cut down before they so much much life. that's what president obama talk body the lives that were cut short. the medical examiner talking about the tragedy picture of what happened in the school. not unexpected details. we knew they were going to be horrible but the extent of the detail was clinical. nearly all of the victims had multiple gun hot. three-len gun shot wounds and those are the folks he had a chance to examine himself. he participated in 7 of the exams personally. the paperwork is completed and now, it is time for the families to have a chance to see their loved ones and experience the great loss and in the coming days, funerals and memorial services and a very long road to recovery for the community. governor. >> molly, thank you for your report there in newtown. >> maybe it is simplep the attempt to express our collective shock when we say we are trying to make sense of the horrific shooting in the sandy hooks elementary school. it is it not sense to a rational human being. the
people that could be any town in america. here in newtown i come to offer the love and prayers of a nation. i am very mindful that mere words cannot match the depths of your sorrow nor can they heal your wounded hearts. i can only hope that it helps for you to know that you are not alone in your grief. that our world, too, has been torn apart. that all across this land of ours we have wept with you. we hold our children tight. you must know that whatever measure of comfort we can provide we will provide it. whatever portion of sadness that we can share with you to ease this heavy load, whether he g d gladly bury. newtown, you are not alone. >> members of the news media had originally been given permission to be inside the high school at tonight's prayer vigil but ctha changed when anonymous phone call threaten to do kill everybody with a bomb presumably everybody in the building. >> any one that harasses, threatens, or intick gamidates the investigation utilizing social media of any type relative to the horrific crime will be fully investigated and prosecuted. >> the first vic
in america and we have plenty and we are getting more. most want more rules like guaranteed vacation. >> we all need a vacation and working every day. >> absz slutly. we work harder in this country france italy, elsewhere. >> they don't have manndatory vation cases we have all of these laws 170,000 pages of rules you have to obey. look at this chart it shows how we recovered from everything since the great depression. a fast recovery. i lot this one from my dad can mitchell, cato institute. >> this is slower because of all of these rules. you add up the rate increases, government spending all of the tax increases we are going to get maybe entrepreneurs will say maybe i will hierp somebody. i don't want to give them health insurance because i am stuck with the abandoned workday. they are see that go model fall apart. >> in the fast we had horrible recession and many of the laws but not as manning knee. >> tchs i would lias much as i e regulated you have to make sure you have room for the economy tos were prer. it can work faster than the private sector. soon he or later it's not like a magic
for america. >> 27 republicans on your bill and i had 27 democrats on my bill. my bill actually passed the house of representatives today with 27 democrats voting for it. >> your bill just not increase the amount of immigrants who can come to this country, and as we all know you ask your business people. they're looking for visas for these people to come. plus, it takes away from those people who have been standing in line for a while. that's one thing that -- >> that's not true. >> it's triumph you taking the visas away from one group of people and thing to a knew group. >> they haven't been waiting in line -- >> all rightment all right. excellent minidebate. but congresswoman sanchez, going back to the dream act and the president's executive order that granted basically a stay on all deportation for these youngsters, isn't congressmann labrador right, couldn't president obama have done that in year one of his first term instead of waiting until six months before the election? >> listen, one of the things we have been working on is trying to do comprehensive reform. when you work with
is very real in the america. >> you said 235 claims of voter fraud who is making this allegations. >> he'll 235 verified cases been reported between 1997 and 2010. >> and you so -- so you had reported to whom by whom? are they real? are you sure of that? >> yeah. well, and these reported to the county clerks and the cases that couldn't be, you know, were not credible were not included. credible reports of voter fraud to the county clerks or to the secretary of state's office my predecessor and my office. you know, the bottom line, geraldo, people sometimes approach it this way. they say well, how many cases of voter fraud is enough to worry about? you know, i would say look, as long as there is any voter fraud of any significance, that means that a close election can get tipped one way or the other. we had a couple of state legislative races this year where fewer than 10 decided the winner or loser there was one exact tie it had to be decided by a coins to. when it is that close, the slatest amount of voter fraud can steal the election. most americans want to know if it's close we want t
and italy six weeks is normal. john: america does not have mandatory vacation but we have 170,000 pages of federal rules and they keep passing more. it shows how america has recovered since the great depression. to sit out this graph from dan mitchell because of these rules add this up and the government spending, tax increase coming can understand when our entrepreneurs think i do not want to hire people then i want to keep my company small then i am stuck with a mandate. i am worried we become like you're up at the same time that model is falling apart. john: we did have these laws but not as many. >> as much as seven like the regulated laissez-faire economy just make sure you have enough breathing room to prosper. over time if government grows faster than a private sector that wedge means the burden of gdp, it is not like one straw causes it to collapse, but there is a tipping point*. are we five years away from being greece or italy? twenty years? i don't know. this trendline is bad. happening under bush and obama. it does not work. john: good intentions and that go bad. clean energ
creating a mental healthcare system is america that can serve the needs of outliers, particularly those broken to violence. we do not have that system not even close i'm telling you i'm a vista. d-mine news grade in america as to the mental healthcare system. >> i want to talk more about that and talk more about if you see something, someone behaving in aberrant way you have to say something. i know it's a cliche. the question i have for y'all when we come back. what about my idea that there should be a cop. we should protect our children with the same vigor we protect our gold, our banks, we should have an armed cop at every single school over a certain size? the kids will get used to the cop. it will be like officer crump can crumpke. we have got to keep safe. the survivors among children and parents have their own crosses to bear going forward to christmas and beyond. how will they cope? and one way of looking how the families of the slain children will be eventually able to heal themselves or not, a mom who lost her son in columbine is my next guest. [ male announcer ] this is amy.
lots of beef in america and chicken. how about horse or zebra. how come we don't eat those? are they kind of like cows? some of you shudder at the idea. it is illegal in some places like california and illinois. and some stais not right to eat a zebra or water buffalo or a horse. how many of you are repulsed or bothered by the idea that wouldn't do our taste test here. it is just wrong. that is bunk says the chef at beaver creek ranch in texas. guests pay to hunt zebra water buffalo and they eat what they kill. they eat it after it has been cooked. they are not squeamish. >> 14 different varieties of animals pick out which animal you want to hunt for we take you out we harvest the animal bring it back and i cook it. >> of course. of course. >> it is better for you because it is leaner. >> i have been a chef for years. beef from the grocery store verses cooking a zebra for example if you cook it on a grill there's so much more fat that comes out of a steak at a grocery store than it is if you cook a zebra steak. you have to do more to it. you have to tender rise it. >> leane
common sense. from td ameritrade. [applause] >> we eat lots of beef in america and chicken. what about horse or zebra? why don't we eat those. aren't they kind of like cows? some of you shudder at the idea and it's illegal in some places like california and illinois, and conventional wisdom is it's not right to eat a zebra or water buffalo. so how are you repulsed and want do our taste test here? a few of you. is this wrong? well, that's bunk, as the chef at beaver creek ranch in texas. beaver creek is a resort where guests pay to hunt zebra, water buffalo, and this cute animal and then they ea kill and eat it after its been cooked by a chef. so, at the ranch, people come for this. they're not schemish. >> right. 14 different varieties of animals. pick out which animal you want to hunt for and take you out, we harvest the animal, bring it back, and i took it. >> and people say it tastes good? >> of course. >> and it's actually better for you because it's leaner? >> it is. and -- i've been a chef for years and beef from the grocery store versus cooking a zebra, for example, if you cook
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)